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Update service

We offer a service to provide regular updates of reports, previously bought from Wiki-Solar. The price of these updates is based on the price of the original report (translated into GBP where applicable); as follows:

  • First annual update: 30% of original report price
  • First half-yearly update: 20% of original report price
  • First quarterly update: 15% of original report price

Updates are delivered as a complete re-issue of the original report to include any new projects and any updated data on existing plants. Because of growth in the sector, the scope of these reports increases by typically 25% per annum. To partly account for this expansion, update prices are increased by 15% on each anniversary date. Customers can exempt themselves from such annual increases by purchasing in advance 3- or 5-years of updates, in which case the 'first' prices above are locked in for the duration.

Customers, who have advised that they wish to participate in this service, can place their orders by selecting the reference number of the original report in the pull-down menu below. If your report number is not shown, or if you wish to pay by bank transfer, please email us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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Commercial terms

These customised services are undertaken on a chargeable basis to reflect the value of the information and the resources required to make it available.

In this capacity the work is undertaken by our parent organisation WolfeWare Limited trading as Wiki-Solar. Payments will be made to WolfeWare as shown on this page.

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