Regional data

All 2,000 entries in the Wiki-Solar Database have a country and exact or approximate location

Extract from a Wiki-Solar regional map

Continental, national and regional data

We produce regional maps and analysis as described on the right at each of the regional levels shown below. Where specific options are not yet listed, we probably have data, so try our custom market overviews.

Region / country


Deployment data

Analysis & reports



Mapped with continents


Mapped with provinces

[read here what clusters are]


All our global, national and regional data is cumulated from the sum of the individual projects

What we do with regional data


We have maps of the projects in all the major countries and in each continent. Where projects are concentrated in individual provinces, states or regions, we can map them too.

Solar power plant deployment

We calculate the total deployment in each region, and can use this, amongst other things for showing tables of the top markets, and the trends.


Similarly, we are able to analyse the key technical characteristics and to produce tables of the most active participants on a regional basis.