Wiki-Solar is the foremost authority on the deployment of utility-scale solar worldwide

Wiki-Solar mapping of ASEAN region
Wiki-Solar mapping of ASEAN region

About Wiki-Solar

Wiki-Solar is the world leader in information about the deployment of solar photovoltaic power stations of 4MWAC and above. We have an extensive database representing over 150 GW of capacity of utility scale projects both operating and under development.

Wiki-Solar was originally established in conjunction with the publication of the first major book specifically addressing large-scale solar power generation. Solar photovoltaic projects in the mainstream power market by Philip Wolfe was published by Routledge in late 2012.

Wiki-Solar's activities have subsequently diversify into a range of dissemination and networking services so that the benefits of this extensive information resource can be more widely utilised.


The projects on the Wiki-Solar Database are displayed on publicly available mapping resources, enabling satellite or traditional geographic views. An alternative output is also offered showing the geographic footprints of all projects whose site plan is known.

Data analysis

The Wiki-Solar Database holds substantive data about each project including technical characteristics and the primary participants.

We analyse this information, both globally and regionally, to show typical primary performance characteristics for benchmarking purposes. We also accumulate the contributions of the primary participants in the sector and produce ranking tables of the leaders by both the number of projects and the installed capacity.

Reporting and networking

In addition to the wide-ranging open source provision of information described above, Wiki-Solar is able to produce more customised information on individual request. This includes the production of market overviews of the deployment of utility scale solar power in individual nations or regions. We periodically prepare specific more comprehensive reports on the primary markets. Additionally we offer a networking service to enable market participants to identify partners in defined parts of the supply chain and in specified markets.


Wiki-Solar is not a corporate entity; it is an enterprise undertaken by the British company WolfeWare Limited.

Many of our ouputs are made available open-source while any commercial services are undertaken by WolfeWare Limited, trading as Wiki-Solar, as noted here.

Details about our privacy policy are given here.