Participant lists

Wiki-Solar's lists of project participants in this section of the website are compiled from the project Database

Participants shown on  placemarker in Wiki-Solar maps

Which companies are included in our participant lists?

We compile our lists consistently and impartially (as described below). We do not use consolidated figures quoted by companies or third parties, except where they match our independent analysis.

The Wiki-Solar Database lists against each project the primary participants described on this page. The lists of participants are compiled by totalling the output (AC) capacity of all the projects each company (or entity) is involved in.

Compiling our participant lists

We compile these lists typically once or twice a year - the lists for the developer, owner and EPC roles are usually prepared more frequently than the others.

Capacity units and threshold

All figures are quoted in AC output capacity to ensure consistency between photovoltaic and CSP plants (and with other generation sources, such as wind). We include only utility-scale plants, which are defined as those over 4MWAC, for the reasons detailed here.

The totals for each are derived by adding together the capacity of all the operating utility-scale projects for which the company fulfilled that role. The figures shown therefore give the cumulative capacity credited to each company. The new capacity installed during the previous year (or other stated period) is sometimes also shown. The lists in our website show the top participants in order of cumulative installed capacity.

If your company is listed

Before publishing new rankings we try to contact all the companies that might appear, and ask them to verify the data we hold. We do this by sending a spreadsheet showing relevant projects. This gives the opportunity to correct any inaccuracies and to notify omissions.

If you want to get a copy of this list for your company, please email us.

Should your company be listed?

If your company is not on the ranking list, but should be, then you should ensure that we are aware of the projects in which you are involved. The easiest way is to provide your projects list, as further explained on this webpage.

If Wiki-Solar's Database shows that your company is somewhere in the world top-50, we can prepare a spreadsheet in the form shown, pre-loaded with the projects we know about. If you want to know if we have this list for your company, please email us.

Our figures may be different from other sources

Many companies publish figures of their overall project experience, and their figures may vary from ours for a variety of reasons.

Units and threshold

As described on the left our figures are quoted in MWAC and include only utility-scale projects. Individual companies often include all their projects, including residential and other smaller installations. Many PV companies quote DC figures in megawatts peak (MWP), which are typically ~20% higher than the AC figure.

Projects in development

Wiki-Solar aims to include only operational projects, while others sometimes include plants under construction and/or in development.


Some projects appoint more than one company in a particular role (co-developers for example). In this case Wiki-Solar divides the capacity between the different participants.


Wiki-Solar's approach ensures that all companies are represented consistently.

If we knew of every participant in every project (and we don't - see the percentages on the right of the webpage for each role), then the totals for all part-icipants would add up to the total world capacity we show here.